Iran Has Captured American Navy Boats Hours Before the State of the Union

This seems like news.

2 Navy boats in Iranian custody but Iran tells US that crew will be returned ‘promptly’.

What about our boats?

As Drudge would say, developing . . .

Here’s more on this. The whole thing sounds really odd.

The Pentagon says it briefly lost contact with two small Navy craft in the Persian Gulf on Tuesday but has received assurances from Iran that the crew and vessels will be returned safely and promptly.

Umm . . .

UPDATED at 5:30pm ET: Iran says it has arrested our sailors. President Obama says it was not a hostile act. The Iranian have confiscated the sailors’ GPS and weapons. The boats were traveling from Kuwait to Bahrain and ran into technical difficulty before drifting toward Iranian territory. It is not clear if they were in international waters or not. But they’ve been arrested.

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