Bill Nye the Science Guy gets ready for an interview at the March for Science event in Washington, Saturday, April 22, 2017. (AP Photo/Sait Serkan Gurbuz)

Is Bill Nye Really a Science Guy?

Bill Nye first became famous on his children’s television show called Bill Nye the Science Guy. He has looked straight into the television camera with a completely serious expression on his face and claimed that he is a “scientist or a scientific investigator — a science educator.”

Should we really believe that Bill Nye is a scientist or a scientific investigator? More importantly, should we allow him to education our children? No! Not just no, but hell no!

Over time Nye’s aspirations have grown considerably, to the point he’s become a megalomaniac, with a new show titled Bill Nye Saves the World. From what does Nye propose to save the world, exactly? The most sensible answer to that question seems to be logic, reason, and common sense. Consider the following as evidence:

This illustrates how Nye has “evolved” from an education-focused entertainer into a shill evangelizing for pseudo-science steeped in nihilistic atheism.

The writers for Bill Nye’s educational children’s show way back in 1996 apparently took their jobs seriously, and the quality of the information provided was actually quite excellent. It contained real, science-based information. Unfortunately, that particular video also highlights precisely what was edited out of the version of the program currently available on Netflix — the actual, legitimate science, which was apparently deleted because it is no longer considered politically correct.

For some strange reason, the people at Big Think believed that Bill Nye knew enough about “The Evolutionary Benefits of Sex” to discuss them. Despite their misplaced confidence, Nye’s rambling explanation of how sex “evolved” so organisms could better exchange genes as protection against viruses and parasites was very confusing, and virtually impossible to follow.

Even that short video offering information of debatable value pales in comparison to what Bill Nye is “teaching” these days. Let’s compare that questionable but possibly educational video to what Bill Nye thinks is very important information that must be shared today — the infamous “sex-junk” video. He said it was “special.” Indeed, it is.

As a writer who takes pride in his work, I’m mildly ashamed to admit that I found myself struggling for words that convey my thoughts, opinions, and disgust, so I’m going to quote a few lines from the lyrics that might best illustrate my problems with the message. I humbly beg for your forgiveness, in advance:

Because my sex junk is so oh-oh-oh
More than either or-or-or
Power bottom, or a top off
Versatile love may have some butt stuff
It’s evolution ain’t nothing new
There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew

Now if you chose not to watch the video provided with of the “sex-junk” description, I can’t say that I blame you. The title was quite apropos — it is complete junk and nonsense about sex, totally divorced from science. While I’m tempted to ask if anyone knows what a “power bottom or top off” might mean in contemporary American slang, I’m also fairly sure I don’t really want to know. It really doesn’t matter.

Sadly, the song didn’t stop there…the lyrics got much, much worse. The horrific “rap” continued, accompanying a dance routine that one might normally expect to see in a strip club. About the only things missing from the performance were bouncers and a pole:

Oh, you think you’re so smart
Did you learn gay in college?
Chill with all of that while I drop some knowledge —
Sexuality’s a spectrum
Everyone is on it
Even you might like it
If you sit upon it
Drag queen, drag king
Just do what feels right
You’re a tall, pansexual flirty wood sprite?

Bill Nye actually claimed that he thought the song delivered an important message. What was that message, do you think? At the very core of evolutionary theory, if we assume it is true, is the physical act of procreation. I hate to break the bad news to Ms. Bloom, but “versatile butt stuff” doesn’t have any business being associated with Darwin’s theory of evolution. No legitimate biologist in his or her right mind would ever suggest that anal sex could lead to or cause to the origin of new species. Or pansexual flirty wood sprites, whatever they may be.

It’s biologically impossible for anal sex to result in birth. So learning about sex from Bill Nye may cause brain damage, too.

If you feel brave enough, here is the “sex junk” video below. Warning: it’s 2 minutes and 46 seconds you will never be able to get back.

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