Is Our Mayor On Drugs?

I doubt it, but he sometimes acts like it. Having participated in meetings to approve a Special Local Option Sales Tax (“SPLOST”), and telling people he was okay with the terms, the Mayor now says he’ll veto the city council’s unanimously approved SPLOST resolution.

Macon Mayor Jack Ellis says he’ll veto a city-county deal on a penny sales tax, because Macon’s share would be “crumbs” and because the tax would fund the Bibb County jail expansion, which he opposes.
Ellis said Thursday the tax should fund other projects, such as recreational projects and closing the city’s landfill.
He said the cash-strapped city should receive “at a bare minimum” 60 percent of the proposed sales tax revenue and the county 40 percent, since Macon residents comprise 66 percent of the county’s population.

This is outrageous. The Mayor has a financial crisis on his hands, the county is willing to use money to pay off city debts, the city council is on board, and now the Mayor flips his position. Mayor Ellis is an embarrassment. I have come to the conclusion that the Mayor’s version of reality is different from what the rest of us see.

Whether it is arrogance, craziness, drugs, or just plain liking to take his football home when he doesn’t get his way, something is clearly rotten in the Ellis Administration.

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  • Here is a theory that may give Ellis more credit for being politically savvy than he deserves or maybe he has an advisor who was intelligent enough to figure this out. Ellis made a campaign promise not to raise taxes even though he supported the last SPLOST that was proposed. That SPLOST failed in large part because he supported it. Now, it is almost certain that this SPLOST will make it to the ballot regardless of whether he vetoes it due to overwhelming council support. So by vetoing the measure he appears to be keeping his promise of not raising taxes and at the same time his lack of support for the SPLOST will have the effect of making people think its a good idea because most everyone knows his logic is usually backwards.

  • Drugs…really. If you can’t find a reason for someone’s behavior or decision making, the next logical step is to suggest drugs. That is totally irresponsible and without grounds. If you are so smart and your decisions would be so much better, run for office. if not, look at what the mayor has done for the city during his terms. he has turned Macon into what is close to an actual city, not just a BIG hick town. He has tried to bring this god awefull, racist city up to date with entertainment and art. I feel that as a black mayor he has served himself and the city well. How many new businesses have come to Macon since Ellis has been in office. How many other Macon mayors have spoken at National conventions, how many mayors have taken the blasting from people such as yourself in order to do what macon needs DEVELOPMENT. Even though he has been stopped in the pursuit to move the eyesore of a jail from downtown, people should see that what he wants is best for all the city. what is the biggest building downtown, the jail, how much revenue does that bring to the city?none. how many tax PAYING businesses could take that area? maybe 10. Again taking a big hick town and trying to make it a real city is a huge undertakeing but very nessesary.