Is Rev. Robert Jeffress Going to Heaven?

One of the truths of Christianity that shined so brightly as the Reformation unfolded is that Christians can backslide. If they do not work on their faith, they can slide away from the faith. “Once saved, always saved,” to be sure, but saying that cheapens it. Grace is not cheap. It cost Jesus his life. And if we do not work in our sanctification, maybe we never were justified at all. And if we were, but we slide backwards, what will the almighty God do to pull us to him.

We should keep an eye on Robert Jeffress to find out one way or the other.

Jeffress has been worshiping at the altar of Trump lately. He’s put aside the holy and Godly for a seat not at the Lord’s table, but at Trump’s. And as he gets rewarded mightily with access, one need not take too deep a reading of Psalm 73 to worry for him and which side of salvation he is on. The latest example is an exchange with Ben Sasse.

Jeffress had Sean Hannity at his church Sunday morning. Jeffress was going to deliver a special message, “America at a Crossroads.” He seems to be peddling a heretical brand of Christianity that suggests we can have Heaven on earth when, in reality, we are strangers passing through.

Ben Sasse wisely replied quoting Jesus, who said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Sasse then noted that perhaps the Sabbath could be free of politics. On the Sabbath, Jeffress decided to punch back. He couldn’t wait till Monday. And how did he attack?

He attacked Ben Sasse for not doing anything to pass the House’s 20 week abortion ban and, naturally, “spending your time criticizing POTUS.”

That’s a heck of an attack for a pastor to make. The prophets of old spent their time admonishing the kings to seek first the kingdom and Jesus himself defied the leaders of his day to advance God’s kingdom.

But Jeffress, on the Sabbath, wants to admonish a Senator for putting God’s kingdom first instead of Donald Trump’s.

By the way, Ben Sasse is one of the sponsors of the twenty week abortion ban. Robert Jeffress is not.

Given Jeffress’ behavior this past year, you and I should both add him to our prayer lists. He seems more committed to Trump’s America, than Jesus’s eternity.

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