Is The GOP Starting To Worry About 2018?

For how many years have the Republicans promised to do things differently from the Democrats? And for how many years has the GOP failed to deliver, giving us more of the same? The latest example is the Republicans’ failure so far this year to produce a suitable repeal and replace of Obamacare.

The word is that the debate over the American Health Care Act may have the GOP starting to get scared about the midterm elections. Over at Red State, Kimberly Ross elaborates:

As you’ve noticed, the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare/Obamacare Lite/Ryancare) has received incredibly sharp criticism from all sides, and rightly so. Speaker Paul Ryan tried to sell it to us in a Powerpoint presentation last week, which didn’t go over so well. During that attempt he even said “This is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing Obamacare”, as Andrea Ruth noted here. If that is the closest they can come, they should definitely be worried about their futures in Congress and elsewhere across the country.

Ross cites a Politico article that quotes both Democrats and Republicans warning the GOP to stick to its promises. Even Newt Gingrich, one of the biggest Trump boosters out there, is on board the keep-the-promises train, but he is doing so in the Trumpiest way possible.

“This is all a mess, it’s going to stay a mess, it’s a huge undertaking,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the leader of 1994’s so-called Republican Revolution. “They have allowed themselves to be trapped by two Washington swamp institutions — reconciliation, as defined by the parliamentarian, and the Congressional Budget Office. It’s very hard to defend Trumpism if you let the swamp define the rules of the game. Health is an immensely difficult area, 10 times more complicated than national security. We’re going to have to muddle through for a while.”

Here’s the thing: Republicans made a big promise, and so far they haven’t stuck to it. Maybe a little healthy fear of the voters isn’t so bad a thing. Let them be scared, as long as they hold to their promises.

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