Is There A Scandal Brewing?

The American Spectator reports on Kerry’s media buys:

So what is the mysterious “Riverfront Media” firm that the campaign of Sen. John Kerry claims produced its anti-President Bush TV ads?

In a surprising move — at least for a media company — a firm in Illinois, Riverfront Media, is denying that it had anything to do with the Kerry campaign’s negative advertisements. On its website it posted this message:

“As far as we know, we are the only Riverfront Media in Illinois. We are going to try to get a retraction from his campaign since we have been getting phone calls and email pertaining to these ad’s. Many people are associating us with the Democratic Party and it is hurting business. We work hard for all of our clients and artists and we do not need undeserving BAD publicity. We do not claim a political association with any party, and do not support (or even dislike) any candidate, but may have to seek legal action to get this MAJOR problem resolved.”

People are combing through Kerry’s financial reporting looking for interesting tidbits on how the campaign is spending its limited resources. Riverfront Media has been one such — staggering — expense, surpassing $6 million in total “media” and “advertisements” payments since last August 29. (Click here and here.) This from a campaign famous for being strapped.

Something doesn’t smell right.

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  • I told the lawyer for GMMB (half of Riverfront media with SDD) that we should bring them to a jury trial and fine them a million dollars a day, from the first day they knew my riverfront media existed (they bought the lesser domain names but did not use them, so knew we existed last year) until the day that they appologise. I think Fleishman-Hillard (parent company of GMMB) needs to be taught a lesson. No company can can allow the consequences of their product to cause harm to another company because of a lack of PR, which is what happened, and Fleishman-Hillard is one of the biggest PR firms in the USA!!!! stupid twits, I hope someone makes them accountable as it is NOT fun to get death threats especially from dim-witted republicans that think political commercials are worth killing someone over.