Is This Entirely Necessary?

I love football.  I’ve been a football fan since childhood.  I was beyond elated this time last year when my beloved Denver Broncos came out to California and seized victory in Super Bowl 50.

My relationship with football changed this year, however.  I’ve long been weary of the growing politicization of football, and this year the Kaepernick protests were my final straw.  I couldn’t stand to watch a league that permitted blatant disrespect toward the flag and country that my friends and family members have died in combat for.  Aside from the season opener, I did not watch a single NFL game from the 2016 season.  This includes last night’s Super Bowl.

After reading this, I’m not sorry that I missed it.

In case you too missed this, part of the Hamilton cast was invited to sing “America the Beautiful” before the game.  I’ve never heard of these three women before, but tonight they decided to launch themselves into my personal awareness by doing this:

“Phillipa Soo, Jasmne Cephas Jones and Renee Elise Goldsberry, who played the Schuyler sisters in the musical, added the line ‘and sisterhood’ to the end of a lyric that mentions ‘brotherhood.’”

It is of course a politically correct and completely unnecessary modification to a classic American song.  Though the leftists of the social media world are already praising this “bold” move, in the world of reality it serves no other purpose than to intentionally piss people off.

This doesn’t raise awareness for some noble cause.  This doesn’t proclaim equality for any oppressed people.  This just pisses people off for no good reason.  In a politically changed climate after the roughest political season of recent memory–and after the insults of Meryl Streep’s idiocy and the Kaepernick protests (buh bye!)–what good does it do to intentionally poke the eyes of football fans who are just trying to enjoy the last game of the year before the long off season?

I’m not sorry I missed this season.  I’m not sorry I missed the Super Bowl.  I almost was until I heard about this cute little affair.  This is just another of a long list of examples that highlight why the left lost the last election and why they continue to put distance between themselves and Americans who actually love and care for this country.  It serves as a reminder that the left exists chiefly to piss us off.

Perhaps this is necessary after all.

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