Is This Thing Still On?

No, I haven’t been around much lately. My time has been consumed with RedState and Peach Pundit.

But for a small update: I have a new car.

I bought my sister-in-law’s Acura. My car was on its last leg. Gina was selling her car for a price I could afford without significant debt acquisition. Christy and I are trying hard to pay off debts without acquiring new ones.

So, I guess I’ll sell my car for scrap — it is not worth any more than that. The new car has more miles on it than mine, but is in much better condition. It is, however, a black car. I’m not a huge fan of black cars, but I can and will survive. That is works, does not leak, and has cruise control make up for the color choice.

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  • Make sure you keep bottles of water in that new car. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, that black car will absorb the sun. Maybe you could check on getting just the roof painted white which reflects the sun. We saw a Hummer painted that way the other day. It’s worth checking out.