Is Trump Crazy? Some Psychiatrists Want To Weigh In

Is Donald Trump crazy?

Some American psychiatrists want to publicly weigh in with their professional opinion on Trump’s mental state.  The American Psychoanalytic Association sent out an email to its 3,500 members this month to give their blessing to members commenting on politicians’ mental stabilty.  Read Trump here.  This goes against the longstanding guideline in the medical community, known as the Goldwater Rule, which discourages psychiatrists from commenting publicly on the mental soundness of public figures without examining them personally.

This rule stems from a smear job by Fact magazine in 1964 against Barry Goldwater.  The magazine conducted a survey of 1,200 psychiatrists and then declared Goldwater unstable and unfit to serve as President.  The liberal hit-piece was pure garbage, intended to feed the leftist narrative about “unhinged” conservatives.  It was politically devastating and helped cost Republicans the victory.  Goldwater would later sue for libel and win.

The Goldwater Rule is self-imposed by the medical community, so legally, nothing is stopping psychiatrists from commenting.  But such public commentary has long been seen as medically unethical.

So far, this push is limited to a subset of psychiatrists and smacks of pure opportunism from Leftists.  One of the advocates for this rule change is the former president of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Prudence Gourguechon, who also just happens to be a Democrat donorMeanwhile, the much larger and more influential American Psychiatric Association still wisely supports the Goldwater Rule.

There is little question that Donald Trump has made some erratic and puzzling statements at times.  He has made bizarre declarations about his company’s value changing with how he feels each day and has talked about dating his own daughter if they weren’t related.  He’s also angered his own staff and Cabinet members with his demands of blind loyalty and public shaming on Twitter.  But the public doesn’t need some medical professional to tell them that Trump engages in odd behavior.

In the end, Trump likely isn’t the ultimate target though.  This effort seems aimed at setting up future attacks on conservatives, using Trump’s conduct as an excuse to get rid of the Goldwater Rule and begin psychoanalyzing every Republican out there.  These professionals never had such grave concerns about mental health when liberals were in office.  I don’t recall anyone analyzing Hillary or Bill Clinton or Barack Obama despite plenty of opportunities.

In fact, back in 2015, Dr. Ben Carson called Obama a psychopath in a private conversation with his adviser.  After eavesdropping and then broadcasting out his comments, the media declared its outrage.  How could a doctor say something like that?  How dare he psychoanalyze Obama, even in private?  But now that it serves their purposes, the Left wants it done in public.

Leftists would love to declare conservative politicians as “unhinged” and then trot out some Democrat shrink to agree.  Democrats already try to marginalize opponents as being out-of-touch with reality, such as claiming “climate change deniers” are unstable and dangerous.  They just want a “professional” opinion to back it up.

With recent electoral failures, they need every attack option available.  Why not bring back a tactic that was so effective in the past?

But do liberals really want to start getting into questions of mental stability and reality testing?  If so, okay then –

What do you call a person who believes the following:

There are both zero genders and 50 genders,

Men can menstruate,

A person can change their gender but not sexual orientation,

Marriage between a man and a woman is oppression against homosexuals by “breeders”,

Illegal aliens have more rights than citizens,

Meat is murder,

Guns are dangerous but criminals are not,

Man-made global warming is real,

Unborn babies aren’t alive,

Legalizing drugs while outlawing sugar drinks is logical,

And only the government knows how to run people’s lives?

A liberal obviously!

So tell me again.  Do liberals really want to get into a debate about politicians, political views, and mental stability?  Because there are people out there who need professional help.  They just aren’t conservatives.

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