Isakson v. Cain

If you haven’t checked out Feddie’s comment at Southern Appeal about the Isakson mail piece, let me tell you I’ve heard rumors that Isakson was close to 50%, but the race was single digits between Isakson and Cain, Isakson still wasn’t at the magic number to avoid a runoff, and the pro-life groups were coming out against him.

Yesterday, Republicans across Georgia got the worse piece of intraparty mail I’ve seen in a long time. It grossly distorted Herman Cain’s record and tried to make him look like an anti-Bush liberal.

It was vile. Johnny is desperate.

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  • Everything I have read suggests that Isakson is barely under the required 50% to avoid a runoff, and that’s with about 25% of the voters “undecided”. Only a small portion of those voters needs to vote for Isakson to push him over the top.

    I predict Isakson, but a part of me still wants Cain to pull it out. I think Cain would need a huge surge right about now if he’s going to beat the 6th District Congressman.