Israel Should Do More Than A Diplomatic Wrist Slap Against Britain and France

Israel is serious about the UN’s bloody knife which President Obama handed to the Security Council to plunge into Israel’s back.

The Israeli government has suspended diplomatic working ties with Britain, France, Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay, Spain, Senegal, and New Zealand. That’s the twelve countries which voted to criminalize Israel’s existence by passing the truly awful Resolution 2334, with which Israel already has diplomatic relations. Myanmar and Venezuela were the other two.

Israel is right to do this. This isn’t just giving space to BDS or on campus pro-Palestine clubs. It’s a legal status which puts Israel at a dramatic disadvantage in existential terms. It gives the UN a right to initiate use of force at some future date (if the U.S. doesn’t veto, which given President-elect Donald Trump’s statements, isn’t a near term possibility) to attack Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has to think past 2020. He can’t just plan for the next four years. In 2020, Trump and the Republicans could lose the White House–we just don’t know. And Iran could have a nuclear bomb by then. Unless 2334 is overturned, Israel will be faced with a de facto extinguishing of its rights to its own capital city, Jerusalem.

partmap3If Resolution 2334 can unilaterally impose pre-1968 “indefensible” borders on Israel, without the Palestinians engaging in any meaningful negotiation (unless you consider terror to be negotiation), why can’t they unilaterally go back to 1947?

The Arab League walked out of the UN General Assembly rather than vote for the original partition plan, which was approved by the Jewish Agency (Israel didn’t exist as a state at that time). The partition plan turned Israel into segregated and surrounded Jewish settlements, with the “Arab state” controlling the rest. But they didn’t want any Jews in Palestine, so they walked out.

I daresay the only reason Netanyahu didn’t already submit Israel’s resignation from the United Nations is because that would remove all chance of reversing this course. Pressure must be applied, and Israel can definitely apply pressure.

The “working ties” suspension means that Israeli diplomats and government officials will curtail trips to the countries listed (France and England being tops among them), and foreign ministers of those countries will not be received in Israel. Ambassadors, trade, and security arrangements will not be affected. In other words, Israel will continue spying on those countries (and they should) and working with them to thwart terrorism.

But Israel should take this further into trade. The 12th ranked drug company in the world, Teva Pharmaceutical, is Israeli. They shouldn’t do business with countries who wish them not to exist. El Al should cut their flight schedules to Paris-Orly and London-Heathrow, opting for Schiphol or Munich instead.

Israeli cybertech companies are some of the best startups in the world. They should avoid the dozen countries who would plunge the knife. No more Fiverr, or Sensibo, or Mobileye. (Mobileye is the company responsible for a large part of Tesla’s autopilot capability.) Ads by Taboola or Outbrain on French or British websites? Sorry.

Israeli Amos-Spacecom is a satellite leader. Their website touts “partners include a variety of leading broadcasters and service providers such as HBO (CEE), MTV (Ukraine and Adriatic countries)…” Oops. Ukraine? No thank you.

When a nation is literally fighting for its life, things like losing a little commerce should take a back seat. Every possible pressure Israel can apply, now and after January 20th, to get the UN to reverse the worst parts of Res. 2334 should be on the table. A diplomatic slap on the wrist is just not going to be enough.

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