It Is a Good Thing Congress Has Done So Little

It has been 228 years since the United States Congress first gathered. Now, after all that time, multiple press outlets are reporting that Congress has not done anything thus far in 2017. In stark contrast, Barack Obama had gotten a stimulus plan passed, the Lilly Ledbetter scam passed, and started on Obamacare.

But this is not the Obama Administration. This is a Republican Congress that claims to be conservative.

Congress has begun to roll back Obama era executive orders. It has begun scaling back the size of government. Frankly, by not otherwise acting, Congress has acted in all our best interests.

To be sure, Congress needs to repeal Obamacare, but while they are doing nothing, Obamacare is collapsing all on its own. In its continued collapse, Obamacare could, in Rahm Emanuel’s words, create a crisis the GOP won’t let go to waste.

After 228 years, you would think Congress could get by without passing a single new law. Do we really need any new laws other than one giving Americans permission to fire missiles at slow pokes in the left lane?

Not working is really not something any of us should get worked up about. A Congress making progress and writing laws is a Congress more often than not encroaching on our liberties and spending our money.

They should repeal Obamacare, do what they have to do to fund the government, then go home. If they can reform the tax code while they’re at it so Apple brings home its several billion dollars parked offshore, so much the better.

But otherwise, an inactive Congress makes for a free people.

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