It is Actually Because People Do Not Like Or Trust Her

Over at Yahoo, Matt Bai has 1,195 words or so on why Clinton hasn’t put Trump away. He compares Clinton’s style in the debate to Joe Biden’s the day after the debate.

You get the feeling Biden wakes up in the morning shaking his head and muttering to himself, infuriated by Trump’s blatant disregard for the aspirations of worried Americans.

You get the feeling Clinton wakes up and consults her briefing books, concerned chiefly with avoiding anything off-key. She mentioned her father a few times in the debate, but the lines seemed as well ironed as the pantsuit.

Some of this is just personality, and some of it almost certainly has to do with the burdens of being a woman nominee. The media is quick to see Clinton as shrill or hectoring; emotion of any kind is more perilous for a woman, and no one should pretend otherwise.

For a “national political correspondent”, this piece really an exposure in the biases of a press rooting for Hillary Clinton.

According to the piece, Clinton has not put Trump away because she’s being too clinical and cautious lest she play into stereotypes.

The reality is that Americans do not like or trust Hilary Clinton and, though the press has served as apologists for her email scandal, that scandal has had a lasting impact on her reputation. Clinton is having a hard time beating Trump because people dislike her as much as they dislike Trump.

And Trump has not put our national security in jeopardy through an email server.

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