It Is Not As Debunked As They’d Have You Believe

There is a very, very strong sentiment within liberal culture that one should not link pedophilia and homosexuality. I tend to agree when dealing with young children, but I also read this Atlantic piece and do not think it is as debunked as the left would have you believe.

What the Milo Yiannopoulos situation has made clear and what others have made clear in related conversations is that by and large there is no correlation between homosexuality and sexually abusing young children. But where the conversation diverges is in the area Yiannopoulos brought up. There is a current in the gay community that does not see anything wrong with old-young relationships when teenagers are involved.

Even Yiannopoulos, when he backtracked, tried to make clear that he shouldn’t have used the term “boy” to describe the age he was talking about, which everyone in their right mind would still call a “boy.”

Linking to a leftwing activist site to claim this is debunked does not actually debunk it as the Atlantic article mentioned above tries to do. Saying something is debunked does not make it so.

The reality is that there is a correlation between girls becoming lesbians after suffering abuse by men. There is also a correlation between young men becoming gay after abuse. Engage in this topic and you will soon find that a large number of activists on the left really do believe that the abusers can just somehow sniff out the gay teens as opposed to contributing to them becoming gay. To admit the latter would be to admit that not every gay person is born that way.

So they have to rail against it extremely loudly and belligerently.

The fact of the matter is that much of the gay rights activist community thinks there is nothing wrong with an older person having a relationship with a younger person and they wave away the idea that it is predatory behavior by setting an age range most others would disagree with. A twenty-something engaging in a relationship with a fifteen year old is still wrong and that really goes for either heterosexual or homosexual relationships.

As Steve Berman noted earlier today

I won’t spend any more words on Yiannopoulos. More than enough has been written about him than I care to read. One silver lining of this sordid affair is that it exposed a hugely under-reported issue in the LGBT community: that young barely sexually “woke” kids get their first taste of intimacy by older men, forever sealing them into the “you’re gay and always have been” camp.

Read Robert Oscar Lopez‘s excellent piece as a good primer here. Or Michael Brown‘s. Or Chad Felix Greene‘s soul-crushing story at HuffPo.

Absolutely read those links. Particularly, read Robert Oscar Lopez‘s piece at the Stream.

This is an icky, uncomfortable topic none of us really want to engage with, but let’s not say it is debunked that older gay men prey on young men. It absolutely is not. And the reaction to Milo Yiannopoulos seems to suggest most people realize it is not.

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