A small group of protesters express their views, in Anchorage, Alaska Thursday, July 17, 2008, as seven Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives who visited Alaska's Arctic and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on a fact-finding tour this week focusing on how Alaska's potential oil and gas recourses can offer a solution to the national energy crisis hold a news conference. (AP Photo/Al Grillo)

It is Time to Drill Oil in ANWR

If the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge were a football field, the area oil companies have long wanted to drill in would be the size of a postage stamp on that field. But the let, for years, has blocked all efforts. News reports are starting to circulate that Donald Trump intends a broad shakeup of energy policies in the United States and he should consider ANWR with that.

When the Bush Administration considered it, the objection was that it would take ten years to get oil out. Ten years later, the nation found itself with extremely high gas prices and liberals saying we still shouldn’t go after ANWR because it’d take ten years, which wouldn’t solve the present problem.

The nation needs to plan today for the next decade and initiating ANWR for oil exploration should be a vital component of that plan.

It is time.

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