It Seems the “Who Can Say the Dumbest Thing on Twitter” Game is Over

Sure, the dude who in 2014 tweeted his amazement that, “Will Smith kinda looks like the guy from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” had a case. As did the guy who wondered the year before, “How did Beyonce’s album go to #1 in 100 countries when there are only 7: Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, North and South America and Europe.”

And President Trump’s “covfefe” and virtually everything tweeted from the account of CNN’s Sally Kohn could qualify for this distinction. But then, almost without warning on a sleepy Sunday morning, the chief political analyst from ABC News, Matthew Dowd, single-handedly swooped in and claimed the illustrious prize of the dumbest thing ever said on Twitter:

“I am Catholic. Being Christian is a state of being. Practicing love. Some of the most Christian folks I know in life are atheists.”

Theologians everywhere keeled over with palpitations from the stupidity emanating from their phone screens. Atheist scholars got whiplash from their double takes. Even toddlers cringed. Perhaps the greatest mystery is how that tweet alone didn’t motivate God Himself to turn right in His throne, look at Jesus, nod and say, “Okay, that’s it. Let’s call it. Go get them.”

This is how bad that tweet was: I feel condescending towards everyone’s intelligence to even begin to explain why Dowd’s statement was so categorically ignorant. There’s no way to address this without insulting the reader’s intelligence since virtually every human being on Earth over the age of 3 gets what apparently manages to elude the grasp of ABC’s go-to-guy for politics.

Being “Christian” is predicated entirely upon the acceptance of Christ as both Savior and Lord. It is a conscious and intentional decision to surrender one’s life, it’s destiny and direction, to the mission of building God’s spiritual kingdom. It is the free and deliberate choice to accept the truth of God’s existence, His dominion and providence, His appearing in the flesh through Jesus of Nazareth, the existence of a future state of rewards and punishments, and the reality that there is no earning eternal reward without the grace of God extended through the work of Christ on the cross. Being Christian is about the truth of the resurrection of Jesus, and that apart from that event, life and existence are utterly hopeless.

That’s Christianity. And all of those things are rejected by any self-proclaimed atheist.

I’m not Catholic. But I am apparently more familiar with Catholic doctrine than Matthew Dowd if this is how he defines the faith he professes.

If I was attempting to guess what Dowd was trying to get at, it was this: “some of the most loving people I know aren’t Christians; they’re atheists.” But even that is intellectually vapid from a truly Biblical perspective. Dowd commits the worldly error of confusing “being friendly” with “love.”

But a Christian understands (or at least should) that apart from offering the redemptive promise of salvation through Christ alone, there is no love. If I bind up your wounds, give you food, chat sweetly with you as we journey through life together, but I never urge you to turn around from the path you are walking which I know leads to a pit of eternal despair, I do not “love” you.

If this worldly fraternity is the only type of “love” that Dowd knows, then he simply doesn’t know Christ. For the sake of what remains of his own reputation and credibility, I would implore Matthew to remedy that glaring void before issuing any more Twitter pontifications about the faith he so apparently misunderstands.

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