“It yucky all day loan”

Evelyn is sick. Last weekend she threw up all weekend. Yesterday she got diarrhea. At about 3:50 this morning, Christy woke up with a migraine. She was on the verge of hurling. She took some advil migraine, which usually helps her, and went back to sleep.

At 5 o’clock this morning I heard Evelyn wake up. She was yelling down the hall for “Mommy.” After a minute or so of this she distinctly said “Mommy, change my diaper it dirty.” Then, and this is her new favorite saying for things she does not like, “Mommy, hurry. It yucky all day loan” translation: it’s yucky, all day long.

I jumped out of bed, headed into her room, and was greeted by the odor of well, see the third sentence. Evelyn was covered from chest to foot. I got her up, cleaned her up, got her in the bathtub, left her there for a minute to change her crib pad and throw it, her blanket, and clothes in the wash, then put her back to bed and carried out the mass of a formerly clean diaper.

And, for the record, I did it all without gagging or hurling.

It happened again at 10:15 this morning. We repeated the routine. At least this time Christy was awake and feeling better so she could get the bath going.

I must agree with Evelyn — it’s yucky all day long.

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