IT’S A TRAP! Donald Trump Wants Hillary Clinton to be President

How else can you explain tonight? Less than twelve hours after the FBI Director excoriates Hillary Clinton, but refuses to recommend an indictment, Donald Trump starts singing Saddam Hussein’s praises on a stage in North Carolina. The press immediately shifts its attention and, in this morning’s news programs reporters spend as much time talking about how Donald Trump missed an opportunity as they did Clinton’s situation.

By this afternoon, as the press was returning to a focus on Clinton because the Attorney General announced they’d be closing the investigation, Trump raced out to announce his June fundraising numbers sooner than he needed to. Again, the press immediately took Clinton off the front page and started talking about Trump.

Tonight, Trump went back to defending Saddam Hussein and then started reliving prior controversies including bringing back up his anti-Semitic tweet about Hillary Clinton. The press had moved on from that story and Trump brought it back up.

Every single time the news cycle begins to hurt Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump makes sure to say or do something bat crap crazy to take press attention off Clinton and focus it negatively on Trump.

The man, according to his supporters, is a master manipulator of the press. He knows how to both get attention and shape the news cycle. His supporters believe this.

If that is true, we can only conclude that Donald Trump’s candidacy is a secret in-kind contribution to Hillary Clinton. Because literally EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. the press starts criticizing Clinton, Trump intentionally does something to get the press to focus negatively on him instead.


Trump’s voters should realize they’ve been played and it is a trap. Trump, who consulted with Bill Clinton before running and is both a friend and donor to Hillary Clinton, is doing everything he can to make sure Clinton gets elected.

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