It’s All True

“Trump gets to pull off the Royal Flush of politics: He gets to define his opponent in his terms, and do it to Hillary Clinton”

The LA Times/USC poll usually leans about 4 points toward Donald Trump versus the peloton that makes up the RCP average. That being said, LA Times has Trump +1.

They’ve got him slightly ahead with young people 18-34 and middle-aged 35-64. He’s 4 points ahead in the codgers 65+, according to that poll. All of that is white, middle-class men without college degrees. There’s your definition of a Trump voter.

So Trump has reached out to Latinos and African-Americans. If he wins even a small portion of those away from Hillary Clinton, it will draw college-educated Republicans into the fold, simply from the optics.

Trump truly did (as Erick wrote) have a good week.

What’s also clear from the LA Times poll is that Trump is perceived (even by his supporters) as the underdog. Every single category of voters believes Hillary will win the election, even 65+ year-old, non-college graduate, white voters.

This is exactly where Trump wants to be. You can’t fall further down than the bottom of the grave, and Trump intends to build his turnaround from this perception gap.

Because it’s all true.

The actual facts don’t matter, only perceptions. Lest one believe this is simply a Trump trick, look at global warming climate change. So many people believe it simply because so many loud boosters say it’s true, and corporations pay their tribute to those believers. Even the Rio Olympics spent a ridiculous amount of time promoting it.

Trump supporters believe America is on its way to Hell in a hand basket. All he has to do is show that Hillary will throw that hand basket further than he will.

It’s all true about the polls. Trump gets 90 percent of media coverage, because he gives the press no room to breathe before throwing another “story of the day” at them. Media maven Michael Wolff in USA Today:

It is the first time in a presidential election that it’s good to be a non-entity. She doesn’t even have to make her own case. It isn’t even really a contest between him and her, it’s between him and the media, on their own volition, arguing against him. Clinton is little more than an observer to the Trump train wreck and the media’s hypnotic coverage of it.

Hillary would have it no other way, except that Trump gets to pull off the Royal Flush of politics: He gets to define his opponent in his terms, and do it to Hillary Clinton, who has defied that (from Republicans) for three decades. The last person who was able to pull it off was then-Senator Barack H. Obama in 2008. Bernie Sanders tried and failed, and as punishment was made to sadly jump on the Clinton wagon.

Trump controls the media in an almost Svengali-like trance. The more they attack him, the more control he gets in the conspiracy-space, where he’s been operating for many years (and this entire campaign).

The media seek to claim as much power as they can. In creating Trump and destroying him, they have found a new certainty and authority.

But have they? I’d say no. The media has only given up its certainty and authority. They’ve all become like Sean Hannity, but working against Trump (Hannity maintains he’s not a journalist, so he’s free to advise and boost Donald Trump).

The latest story all over the Internet is about Hillary’s health. Just Google or search on Facebook for “Hillary Parkinson’s” and you’ll see it in every two-bit (and some four-bit) conspiracy sites and all the attendant news reposters. Hannity and others have pushed this story, citing seizures and behaviors that nobody outside Herself can explain–and that one of her security entourage appeared to have a syringe of diazepam, “for patients who experience recurrent seizures.”

People I know, medical professionals, buy in to this. It’s all true because people believe it to be true.

The New York Times, which Trump hates with a passion, must be lying and in Hillary’s corner.

On other days, [Hannity] has lent his prime-time platform to wild, unsubstantiated accusations that Hillary Clinton is hiding severe health problems. He showed a video of a supposed possible seizure that was in fact a comical gesture Mrs. Clinton was making to reporters, as one of them, The Associated Press’s Lisa Lerer, reported. He also shared a report from the conservative site The Gateway Pundit that a member of Mrs. Clinton’s security detail appeared to be carrying a diazepam syringe, “for patients who experience recurrent seizures.”

A simple call to the Secret Service spokeswoman Nicole Mainor, as I made on Friday, would have resulted in the answer that the “syringe” was actually a small flashlight.

People in Mr. Hannity’s audience of 2.5 million who are inclined to believe the health allegations, and who believe the mainstream media are covering for Mrs. Clinton, are unlikely to be impressed by the Secret Service’s explanation.

That’s the ultimate result of the hyperpoliticized approach Mr. Hannity and so many others use in today’s more stridently ideological media: A fact is dismissed as false when it doesn’t fit the preferred political narrative.

Trump has full rein to say whatever he wants, and the traditional (I hesitate to use the word “mainstream” because I’m talking about journalists versus think-piece writers and pundits or bloggers like myself) media is out of ammunition to stop him from dealing in full conspiracy theories and whispering campaigns.

Radio host and #NeverTrumper Charlie Sykes told Business Insider editor Oliver Darcy, “We’ve created this monster.”

“So we have spent 20 years demonizing the liberal mainstream media,” he continued. “There is real bias. But, at a certain point you wake up and you realize you have destroyed the credibility of any credible outlet out there.

Therefore, The Donald, who has spent decades inoculating the public to his specific brand of conspiracism, can claim for months that illegal Mexican immigration is the central problem in America–only to change his view and expect his supporters to be okay with it. “He only changed it because he had to,” one supporter told me.

Trump can’t lose his base of supporters because they’re “in” on the plan. They’re part of his own conspiracy. They know he’s only saying things to get votes and win, so he can Make America Great Again™. Except the things Trump told them are really true because (“believe me!”) he’s a “truth teller.” He only makes deals with liberals, minorities, and the Russians because he needs to win so he can fix America.

This election will be decided by a facts-be-damned liar, who absolutely and without question will win in November. The only part we don’t know is the name on the inauguration invitations.

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