It’s Bacon

At the risk of offending some muslim sensitivities, I noticed today that many Islamic countries are boycotting Denmark because of some supposedly insensitive cartoons in a Danish newspaper.

I think that is funny. When I lived in Dubai, most of the cheese, meat, and all of the bacon came from Denmark — and all the bacon tasted like fish. And it wasn’t just the ex-pats eating the bacon. So, I dunno, but I don’t think this is really going to be a successful boycott.

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  • In an U.N meeting regarding world food reservation, all of the sudden, the U.S delegate turned to the Korean and said: ?Please stop eating dogs.?

    The Korean replied: ?Please ask the Indian to eat beef then we will stop eating dogs.?

    The U.S shook his head and turned to the Japanese: ?Please stop eating whale?.

    The Japanese replied: ?Well, please ask the Muslims to eat pork then we will stop eating whale.?

    The U.S shook his head and turned to the Vietnamese: ?What do you eat, sir??

    The Vietnamese replied: ?Like the Chinese, we eat all animals including their eggs, eyes, ears, tails, feet, legs except table legs. We are the greatest food saver, sir?

  • I am so glad that no one told me off about the above joke that I found on another web page. Sorry to be offensive, but I just cannot wait until fresh tomatoes come in season because I love BLTs!