It’s National Shooting Sports Month: Here’s Why It Should Be Celebrated

The 2nd annual month celebration highlights the importance shooting sports play in our economy and our culture.

August marks the return of National Shooting Sports Month. It was established last year to encourage more Americans to responsibly partake in the shooting sports. Those who preach the gospel of disarmament or fake gun safety won’t be willing participants, due to their desires to strip ordinary Americans of their rights to own firearms. Nevertheless, this month could be the perfect opportunity to show our opponents and those undecided what real firearms safety looks like.

What is National Shooting Sports Month? It’s hosted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) — arguably the largest firearms trade association out there in existence. The goal of the month is to encourage even more participation in the shooting sports than what normally takes place year-round. Per NSSF, the reason behind establishing a month for firearms enthusiasts is this:

Firearms owners deserve a dedicated time that draws positive attention to their sports and its many benefits, and to simply serve as a reminder to make time to enjoy a day at the range whether by themselves or with a friend or family member.

NSSF also host the annual SHOT Show trade show that draws nearly 80,000 people to Las Vegas

Their goals for National Shooting Sports Month in 2018 are listed as the following:

  • 500 range/retailer hosting events/promotions
  • 50 First Shots events
  • 100,000 unique visitors to the Shooting Sports Month site
  • 50 Companies/Organizations serving as sponsors and partners
  • 10000 sweepstakes participants
  • Attract at least 5000 people new to the shooting sports
  • Reactivate at least 5000 lapsed participants
  • Social Media Campaign generation = 5 Million impressions, 50,000 engagements and 20,000 post clicks

It was affirmed by the Department of Interior last year, and President Trump also issued this proclamation in support of the occasion:

The proclamation reads:

During National Shooting Sports Month, we celebrate the wonderful American tradition of shooting sports. Shooting sports are a terrific reminder of our constitutional liberty and the attendant benefits that accrue to a free people: active friendship within families, between peers, and among communities, and the opportunity for Americans living in small towns and large cities to experience the bounty of America’s great outdoors.

Shooting sports help reinforce many of the bedrock values of our people, such as the free exercise of the Second Amendment. Mastery of shooting sports requires rigor, discipline, and training. State and local shooting sports programs—and instruction by trained family members and mentors—affirm the role of local communities as the primary teacher of the rule of law and personal responsibility.

This month, we recognize the sportsmen and hunters who practice and teach firearm safety and exercise proper stewardship of our land. Sportsmen and hunters not only help others to understand the responsibilities of owning and using a firearm, but they also ensure that our open space and natural resources are safeguarded. Under existing Federal law, for example, a portion of Federal excise tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition is dedicated to American wildlife research and habitat conservation. That is one reason why my Administration has prioritized making it easier for Americans to participate in shooting sports on public lands. By doing so, we are enhancing Americans’ ability to experience the unsurpassed beauty of our blessed Nation and we are better protecting our national treasures for future generations.

I encourage all Americans engaged in shooting sports to continue promoting a culture of safety and to continue exercising the responsibility and duty associated with the right to keep and bear arms.


Despite being maligned by antagonists and gun prohibitionists as perpetrators of crimes carried out by criminals, the firearms industry has a rightful place in society to promote safe and responsible firearms use. After all, they host firearms trainings and instructional courses. Can the same be said for Moms Demand Action or Everytown for Gun Safety? There are no links to gun trainings whatsoever on their websites. Talk is cheap.

Roughly 50 million Americans participate in shooting sports—of all ages, abilities, genders, or geographical regions. They participate in different forms of shooting, as described as “action pistol shooting, long-range rifle shooting, the shotgun clay target sports of skeet, trap and sporting clays, blackpowder shooting, Cowboy Action shooting and competitive shooting with handgun, rifle and shotgun.” Why? They want to spend quality time with family members, significant others, or friends. More importantly, they want to be knowledgeable about properly handling and using firearms.

In a recent report on the firearms industry’s economic impact, it was estimated that $51.41 billion in economic activity is accounted for by this industry. More importantly, from this comes strong employment indicators—with this industry supplying roughly 161,795 jobs, averaging in $49,749 in wages and benefits per job.

Furthermore, excise taxes collected on firearms and ammunition help fund conservation efforts through the Pittman-Robertson Act. Imagine the toll gun control would have to conservation funding? It’d be disastrous.

I hope you join me in celebrating National Shooting Sports Month. Learn more about this month at

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