It’s Past Time for Leftist Media, Pols, and Preachers to Condemn Antifa

Apparently out to prove that the neo-Nazis who run people over with their cars have nothing on them, rabid left-wing anarchists, organizing under the silly name “Antifa” (short for anti-fascist, despite conducting themselves with the manners and restraint of Mussolini himself), once again turned violent.

This time the scene unfolded in Berkeley, which at first might make sense. After all, there are plenty of fascists in Berkeley these days. But Antifa wasn’t there to clear the way for the free speech rights of Ben Shapiro, Richard Dawkins, or any of the other myriad of speakers that Berkeley has silenced for violating their politically correct dogma.

No, ostensibly this was an Antifa rally to counter the white supremacists that were planning a march. Except of course there was no white supremacist march. There was a planned “March Against Marxism” (something else Berkeley has in spades) that never materialized because the organizers were threatened with physical violence from, you guessed it, Antifa.

You’re following that, right? Threatening violence if you speak something they don’t like – kinda sounds like something fascists would do. What Antifa lacks in brains they make up for in anger.

The scene at Berkeley was a chilling reminder of the chaos into which our morally adrift culture is plunging:

Members of Antifa were caught on camera driving a man to the ground, punching and kicking him. It’s not clear what the man’s identity is, or whether he was even part of the March Against Marxism — not that that in any way excuses the brutal violence. Antifa claims he was a member of the “alt-right.”

He wasn’t. Nor were the journalists that were attacked:

Even journalists covering the event weren’t safe. Antifa members chased a journalist out of the center of their rally while the crowd chanted, “Take his camera! Take his phone!” A reporter with a local Fox affiliate was attacked on-camera… Lizzie Johnson, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, which hasn’t taken an aggressive position against Antifa thus far, posted on Twitter that the group that descended on Berkeley Sunday afternoon was nothing but “dangerous and destructive.”

And maybe that’s the best thing we can hope for at this point. Maybe seeing their own attacked by these lawless thugs will prompt the media to begin giving the large, violent Antifa movement some much-deserved negative attention.

And then maybe left-wing political leaders will condemn them.

And then maybe leftist faith leaders will be as vocal about the need to preach against the hate and violence of Antifa as they are about the need to preach against the hate of white supremacists.

But for some reason I doubt it. For some reason I tend to believe that as long as Donald Trump remains president, the media, as well as leftist pols and preachers, will collectively bite their tongues about any group that opposes Trump’s administration. No matter how violent they become.

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