It’s that time again! The Obama Economy Sucks. But Trump!

Remember when the good jobs numbers came out in March? All the Obama fans were tweeting “Thank you, Obama,” denying Donald Trump any credit at all for the job creation. And to be fair, Donald Trump had not been in office long enough to have an impact on the economy. The job creation numbers were either because of Barack Obama’s economic policies or inspite of them. But, so this operates in the same way.

Donald Trump has not been in office long enough to affect the first quarter economy. And the first quarter economy did not do so well in the first three months. It expanded at an annual rate of just 0.7%. That is not good. But CNN and others are already laying it at Trump’s feet after giving Obama credit for the jobs numbers.

Naturally, what is going to happen now is all the people giving Obama create for job creation are suddenly going to say it is Trump’s fault. All the people who were wrongly giving Trump credit for job creation are now going to blame Obama and no one will believe them.

But it is just a reminder that the economy is stagnant, the first quarter of this year has more to do with the Obama Administration policies than the Trump Administration policies. Regardless, however, both sides will now engage in blame shifting instead of trying to come up with ways to fire up the economy.

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