It’s That Time Again

A JobsNote is coming. Steve Jobs will unveil Apple’s new products next week! It is an exciting time. It’s also humorous to contrast Jobs with Bill Gates.

Gates is trying to roll out a new music service for Microsoft and used Justin Frickin Timberlake to help him. Can Gates be so out of touch as to use someome like Timberlake whose fifteen minutes were up eons ago to champion a service that will no doubt be poorly executed? Apparently.

Bring on the Jobs!

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  • Glad I bought that Apple stock a few years ago at about $10 (split-adjusted) a share. Just wish that I could have afforded more back then!

    Seriously, I am so impressed with the Apple products that I own. The quality and innovation are just far superior to anything else. It even has this old die-hard PC user ready to switch to Mac. Here’s hoping Jobs et al never get comfortable with status quo and keep pushing the envelope.