It’s Time For A Special Prosecutor As Liberals Call For Comey To Resign

Boston Globe columnist Michael A. Cohen has begun the liberal choir calling for FBI Director James Comey’s resignation.

James Comey really messed up.

The FBI director did not commit some garden-variety mistake. This is not an “oops” moment. For reasons that have more to do with protecting himself from dishonest Republican attacks, Comey committed an overtly egregious and political act that roiled the nation’s politics 11 days before Election Day — and undermined public trust in the nation’s criminal justice institutions.

And he needs to go.

Comey did indeed mess up, but not last Friday. He messed up in July when he let the political deal crafted between President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Clinton cabal determine his fate.

If Comey thought he would somehow wash his hands of the entire Clinton affair, watch Trump fall from the weight of his own unfitness and self-sabotage, then continue to serve as if nothing happened, he was living in a fantasy. The ruthless political Schlachters who make up the core of the progressive movement would not spare him should he do the right thing.

The White House has chosen to remain above the fray here, but the press, Congressional Democrats and the Clinton machine will ensure Comey never sees the light of day. As Erick wrote,  the Democrats “are preparing to go, at least metaphorically, Fort Marcy Park on him.”

Comey should have resigned back in July rather than bow before the political gods. But now he should stay the course, having corrected himself.

One thing the lame duck session of Congress should do is appoint a special prosecutor to handle the Clinton investigation. There’s no way Comey can manage it anymore, so in effect, he has already resigned, at least in the context of this investigation.

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