It’s Time For The IRS Chief To GO

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

In a move to bring about something that’s long overdue, a group of congressmen have signed a letter to the Trump administration urging the president to immediately terminate IRS chief John Koskinen:

Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., will make the ask. The chairman of the Republican Study Committee has quietly but urgently been circulating a letter inside the GOP conference to build support. He’s now got 50 congressmen signed onto the letter.

While Trump has fleshed out his cabinet, so far, he’s stayed hush about the fate of the IRS chief. And conservatives really want Koskinen’s head. “You have the authority to remove Commissioner Koskinen,” Walker writes to Trump, adding that “we encourage you to dismiss him in the most expedient manner practicable.”

Koskinen, you may recall, was appointed to head up the IRS in the wake of the Lois Lerner scandal, in which the agency targeted conservative groups for extreme scrutiny in order to slow their requests for tax-exempt status.  This essentially crippled their ability to fund raise, and prevented them from mobilizing the same get-out-the-vote efforts that had proven so effective in the 2010 midterms, when Republicans took back the House of Representatives.  If you think that sounds an awful lot like a government agency suppressing votes, you would be correct.  Koskinen’s job was to go in, clean house, and find out what happened.  Well, that didn’t turn out so hot:

  • The IRS failed to search five of six possible sources of electronic media for Lois Lerner’s emails.
  • The only source the agency bothered to search – her hard drive – was destroyed by an industrial strength AMERI-SHRED AMS-750 HD shredder​ after a brief search deemed information unrecoverable. Documentation suggests that more could have been done to recover data.
  • Later, the agency’s ineptness — or corruption — resulted in 24,000 Lerner emails being lost when they were “accidently” destroyed despite the existence of an agency wide preservation order.
  • Koskinen withheld from Congress both the preservation order and destruction of tapes during sworn testimony.
  • Koskinen also failed to disclose details regarding Lois Lerner’s mysteriously destroyed hard drive during testimony.

Kinda makes it look as if Koskinen’s real job was to cover the IRS’s tracks and provide deniability to the Obama administration.  In that endeavor, he appears to have been quite successful.

There was a movement in the House to impeach him, but the GOP leadership shot that down for fear that it might have an adverse effect on the election.  Was that cowardice or smart politics?  Who knows?  But now that the election is over, it’s time to remove a malignant tumor that has been allowed to fester at the IRS for too long.

Koskinen is the very embodiment of the kind of corruption we witnessed throughout the Obama administration.  Firing him would not only be a cleansing act, it would provide another fine example of how the Trump administration is making a hard break with the past eight years.  There is ample evidence to justify his removal and absolutely zero reason to keep him.  Besides, the guy is about as likable a Bond villain.

I’m having a hard time telling the difference

Please, President Trump–fire this man!

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