Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, left, and his daughter Ivanka meet with spouses of military service members, Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016, in Virginia Beach, Va. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Ivanka Has a Point

Ivanka Trump has a point. The level of aggressive nastiness from both the left and mainstream media is off the charts compared even to rightwing angst over Barack Obama.

The left’s best response is “well, he started it” and then engaging in whataboutisms over things done to Barack Obama. But I do not recall widespread support for plays showing the assassination of Barack Obama. What had been largely fringe during the Obama years is now widespread on the left. Their best defense is that Donald Trump started it, which is a child like response from people behaving like children engaged in temper tantrums.

There is not, however, anything that can be done about it. The President needs to stop his self-inflicted injuries and just keep beating the left. That will keep his own base fired up. Sending more judicial nominees to Congress, undoing more regulations, and pushing the congressional GOP to actually get things done will be the best defense against offensive actions by the left.

If the President would go radio silent, he would minimize the talking points and news of the day by the left. Their reactions would have to be about his policies, not him. But the President’s policies are actually pretty popular on the right, even with guys like me who are not necessarily fans of the President himself.

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