Ivankacare is a Terrible Idea

Republicans have finally crossed over into cults of personality, rejecting sound ideas. In the past forty-eight hours, numerous Republicans have come out in favor of Ivankacare, the big government entitlement offering government paid maternity leave.

The idea was wrong when President Obama proposed it. It is wrong now that Donald Trump is proposing. When your argument is “at least he is not Clinton” and your candidate supports an increase in the minimum wage, Hillarycare style healthcare, and now Ivankacare, your argument cannot really be taken seriously.

What we are seeing is a bevy of Republicans and alleged conservatives abandon the principles they once claimed to believe in because Donald Trump is the nominee. If your idea was good yesterday, it should still be good today. And if Barack Obama’s paid maternity leave plan was bad last year, Donald Trump’s is bad this year.

In December, the number of Republicans who still have integrity is going to be pretty slim. Ivankacare is the Trump equivalent of Bush’s prescription drug benefit. That just so happens to be one of the often cited Bush initiatives that has Trump supporters fired up. Bush’s big government spending betrayed these voters so they are going to rally behind a big government spender.

The whole thing is embarrassing. What we are seeing is that many so-called conservatives are really just water carriers for a political party craving access to power. The ideas are just camouflage to cover up what hacks they really are.

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