Commentator Megyn Kelly poses at The Hollywood Reporter's 25th Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast at MILK Studios on Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

J.P. Morgan Stands With Alex Jones. Company Opposes Funding Any Journalist Who Might Question Jones.

Alex Jones is one of the most controversial Trump supporters and a man who has made money fueling the paranoia of others shamelessly. I have to think he’s actually a liberal doing his best to parody nutters in order to attract nut jobs. He is quite successful at it.

Megyn Kelly is interviewing Alex Jones for NBC. The interview has not yet aired. Presumably she will ask him about pizzagate and the awful Sandy Hook conspiracy theories he started. But JP Morgan does not want Megyn Kelly asking those tough questions. In fact, JP Morgan is so solidly for Alex Jones that they do not want anyone at all asking him tough questions. JP Morgan stands with Alex Jones.

That is the only logical explanation for JP Morgan pulling their ads from NBC over Megyn Kelly’s interview. They claim to be outraged that Kelly would dare interview and give legitimacy to Alex Jones. But is it not better to ask tough questions of the man? Should we not want our news media to hold people like Jones accountable for his bat crap antics?

Not if you are JP Morgan. There, they virtue signal that they are opposed to Jones, but then refuse to fund a news network that is willing to ask him tough questions. JP Morgan has every right to pull its funding. But the rest of us have every obligation to point out that doing so makes it less likely the tough question gets asked.

If JP Morgan really was concerned, they should keep their money in place and then publicly yank it if they think Megyn Kelly was too soft. That’d incentivize reporters actually asking the tough question. By yanking money in advance, they’re in Alex Jones’s camp providing every incentive to the news community to let Jones thrive without ever asking a tough question.

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