Jake Tapper Isn’t Celebrating Iran’s Oscar Pride

You know it’s funny in a twisted way to see Godless liberals who suppress gagging if a filmmaker were ever to quote the Bible or thank Jesus Christ from the podium at the Oscars, heap tearful praise on a Muslim convert winning for best supporting actor for playing a gay man.

It’s even twistier to see the stepping and fetching by other Muslims like Maleeha Lodi, Pakistan’s UN envoy, who deleted her congratulatory tweet. You see, Mahershala Ali, the Oscar winner, belongs to the wrong Muslim sect, the Washington Post reported.

And the twistiest: The Academy was #SoBlessed to vote the award for best foreign language film to “The Salesman,” made by Iranian Asghar Farhadi. It’s not the first win for this Iranian: “A Separation” won in 2011.

But when Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted his congratulations, with a bit of politics thrown in, it was a bit too much for CNN host Jake Tapper to swallow.

Farhadi had skipped the awards show, in response to the (non-existent and suspended) “travel ban.” Zarif tweeted “Proud of cast & crew of ‘The Salesman’ for Oscar & stance against #MuslimBan. Iranians have represented culture & civilization for millenia.” Tapper had “a few words” in response.

Tapper tweeted “Iran regularly jails its filmmakers” and cited several examples. Then he offered a parting word to Zarif: “The traditions of your brilliant people are being oppressed by the tyranny of your government. Tweets notwithstanding.”

Hollywood will celebrate literally anything if it’s not American, Christian, or conservative. They would never call out a repressive regime for its hypocrisy. Kudos to Tapper for his very human and correct response.

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