James Comey Finds Out He’s Fired in the Most Uncomfortable Way

This is brutal.

By now, we’ve all heard about the firing of FBI Director James Comey. It’s news that has kept social media buzzing hot all through the evening, as people try to decide if it was a good move, a bad move, an insidious move, or if they care at all.

Most of us have even seen the ice-cold letter sent from the office of President Trump to Comey, informing him of the decision to remove him from his post, immediately.

How did James Comey find out?

Well, apparently, everybody knew before him, and he had to find out in the worst possible way.

From the Washington Examiner:

Comey was “caught flat-footed,” when he looked up and saw on TV that he was fired, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Comey was speaking to FBI agents at a recruiting event and was set to give a speech shortly after. When he saw the news report on TV, he allegedly laughed and said he thought it was a fairly funny prank.

Yeah, this is gonna leave a mark.

He was then escorted to an office, where staff informed him that it wasn’t a prank, and that he was, indeed, fired.

Needless to say, Comey didn’t give his speech, afterwards. I can’t think of a more awkward position to be in.

The firing is said to be in response to findings by the Justice Department that suggest he botched the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails last year.

Let’s face it: That really was a roller coaster ride, and many were left scratching their heads after Comey reeled off a list of violations by Clinton, only to top that off with the announcement that he would not be recommending charges against her.

Trump said he acted based on the recommendations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who found that Comey’s improperly moved to “usurp” the attorney general’s authority and decided not to prosecute Clinton.

While the left has been quite vocal (and shrill), voices on the right have been a bit more controlled and gracious.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse issued a statement after the news broke, calling Comey “an honorable public servant.”

Speculations will probably continue to run amok, for some time.

However, as Erick pointed out earlier, Comey’s replacement is a Democrat, whose wife was supported by the Clinton machine, so it’s unlikely that this was done to derail the Russia investigation, as some have suggested.

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