Jason Miller’s Surprise Has The Media Digging

Now this is a surprise. So far, President-elect Donald Trump has been the one unboxing surprises on the world, and especially the media. But Jason Miller, after being announced as Director of Communications, bit the hand that fed him and declined the position. In the usually tight-knit Trump camp, that’s a big surprise.

If Miller didn’t want the position, why did he allow things to progress to the point where he was announced to the public? The “time with family” reasoning is one of those things that is usually pasted up to deflect from other reasons.

Normally this would be a “nothing to see, move along” situation, but you know the media isn’t going to let it go, and they may have some leads to follow on this one.

The Washington Post has latched on to some strange tweets from another transition team member, one who is usually very well balanced and informed. But A.J. Delgado deactivated her Twitter account, and even the tweets depicting her now-inaccessible tweets are deleted.

My colleague Josh Hammer provided one image of a deleted tweet from HuffPo writer Chistina Wilkie that confirms some of what WaPo has reported.


Now this may be a big nothingburger. But count on the press to whip up some scandal because it’s Trump.

As for me, I’m glad that Miller has more time to spend with his family. Politics is a nasty, toxic business that many times strains families to the breaking point. Sometimes it’s just better to take a break, especially with a growing family.

Or maybe there’s more to it. I’ve got a feeling this one isn’t going away.

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