Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Skirt Chasing

You really should read this McKay Coppins piece on the Bush effort to take out Rubio. It’s personal between the two now.

For along time there have been rumors flying about Marco Rubio chasing skirts. I’ve heard them from every direction. They were big in 2010. There’s the particularly funny rumor that Rubio has a second family hidden somewhere. What makes that particularly funny is that at RedState I got more than one email alleging the same thing about Jeb Bush.

What people forget is that Rubio ran in 2010 against the GOP. The NRSC backed Charlie Crist. McConnell staffers went to help Crist. The NRSC was in full attack mode against Rubio. They were throwing everything they had at Rubio. The infidelity rumors cropped up there in oppo. I had people waving me off backing Rubio in February 2009.

But nothing ever panned out. In a race where the governor of the state was running against an upstart and that governor had the backing of the entire establishment, which has always been willing to play dirty and for keeps, they had nothing on Rubio.

The rumors persist largely because people in politics gossip and everyone knows someone who knows the woman. The rumors persist more extensively about younger, attractive, male politicians. Politics is a seedy business. Lies are a stock in trade. But if Rubio can survive 2010 against the NRSC, Mitch McConnell, and Charlie Crist, there is no there there.

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