Jeb Bush: The Great Uniter

It was George W. Bush who united the country after the September 11th attacks. The Bush family has always, in times of crisis, pulled people together.

In the Gulf War, President George H. W. Bush united the country. During the attempted Reagan assassination, then Vice-President Bush calmed a nation in distress.

The Bush family has always risen to the occasion.

Now is not a terrorist act or an assassination. Jeb Bush is spared that turmoil, but the nation is now in political turmoil and Jeb Bush has the opportunity to be a uniter against division and hate that threatens to not just tear apart his political party, but overrun the nation’s psyche.

Tonight, Jeb Bush will not win South Carolina. He will go home.

But how Bush goes home matters as much as him going. He has the potential to calm Republican voters with his departure. Much of the Trump angst originated from Bush attempting to seal up early support. With his departure, Bush can be the leader he has campaigned as wanting to be. He can shape support for a potential “Not Trump” and push his support that way.

Jeb Bush is a good man and leaves the race tonight. It was not what he wanted. But in doing so, he can lift up the nervous, the worried, and the potentially fractious and help unite a party and unite a nation.

God speed, Jeb Bush.

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