Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush participates in an economuc forum, Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016, in Columbia, S.C. Republican hopefuls are pitching a conservative path to fighting poverty. (AP Photo/Sean Rayford)

Jeb Bush’s Donors Signal The End is Near

The blame game does not go public until the end is near and the blame game is suddenly going very public with Team Bush.

They are fractured, divided, broken, broke, and bruised. They are pointing their fingers at Mike Murphy who ran Bush’s gubernatorial campaigns and now oversees the super PAC. They are not ready to blame Jeb and probably never will. Bush family loyalty runs deep. But Jeb did put Mike Murphy in charge of the super PAC and Murphy’s actions have taken a toll on Bush.

They think he wasted money on everything from an iPad-sized video mailer to direct mail for donors in states that don’t yet matter. They think his attacks on Marco Rubio are doing more harm than good. And they worry that, at the end, all he will have accomplished is the destruction of the Bush family brand.

The big-money supporters fueling Jeb Bush’s super PAC have found their boogeyman: Mike Murphy, a sharp-witted, Twitter-obsessed veteran GOP ad man who runs Right to Rise.

If Bush’s campaign ends with anything other than the GOP nomination, blame is certain to be widespread. But that donors and GOP operatives are already sniping at Murphy before the first votes are cast demonstrates the depth of frustration and displeasure with the Bush-world loyalist.

It really is never a good sign when the donors go public before the votes are cast.

I was in Washington this week and a lot of Rubio donors and supporters are privately worried and grumbling, but they’re not doing it out in the open. They still have hope and they still think something can happen to get Rubio fully in the game. That Bush donors are doing this openly is not good for Bush.

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