JetBlue Leading the Way in Capping Prices On Flights Out of Florida

JetBlue Airlines has capped the price of tickets for all non-stop flights out of Florida at $99 including taxes over the next several days in an attempt to help people escape from Hurricane Irma’s path. Connecting flights are capped at $159 per seat. They’ve also waived cancellation fees for passengers who had flights into Florida. American and Delta have followed suit and are now also capping certain tickets on flights out of Florida.

Here are some incredible tweets about the rising prices:


Good for JetBlue. In an age of “slacktivism” and “like and share” support for those in need, it’s good to see a corporation stepping up and doing the right thing to help out in a time of crisis.

UPDATE: Delta has now capped prices at a maximum price of $399. AmericanĀ Airlines has capped prices out of Miami at $99.

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