Jewish Mafia? Mormon Mafia? A Pox On Alex Jones and Lou Dobbs

Trump’s paranoid army is spinning out of control. They know they are going to lose, no matter what happens, and they have to blame someone besides the orange-hued Democrat celebrity demagogue masquerading as some kind of workingman’s savior.

We’ve got two examples to share today: Alex Jones, and Lou Dobbs spouting wide-eyed, spittle-flecked idiotic lunacy.

Sure, I expect tinfoil-asshatted Alex Jones (of InfoWars) to say any bat guano crazy thing which advances his psychopathic vision of America. Here’s his latest foray into insanity.

‘Cause let me tell you, the Emanuels are mafia. And you know I was thinking, they’re always trying to claim that if I talk about world government and corruption I’m anti-Semitic, there’s mafias of all different stripes and groups but since you want to talk about it, the Emanuels are Jewish mafia. So there you go. But, I mean it’s not that Jews are bad, it’s just they are the head of the Jewish mafia in the United States. They run Uber, they run the health care, they’re going to scam you, they’re going to hurt you.

Listen, there’s been no Jewish Mafia since Ben “Bugsy” Siegel was rubbed out by the actual Cosa Nostra and Lucky Luciano’s gang. My dad remembered the Jewish Mafia from the 1930’s in Revere, Mass where he grew up. They ran numbers, girls, all the typical mobster stuff, because the community there was composed of Jews.

Only rabid anti-Semites believe that there’s some Jewish conspiracy to run everything, and use things like the prevalence of Jews in the entertainment industry, the success of some Jewish financiers, and the outsized contribution Jews make in science, literature and the arts as proof of nefarious aims.

This, friends, is a main tenet of Nazi ideology and blood libels, and Alex Jones is spreading it like the horse manure it is. I wouldn’t even normally stoop to publicize this vermin infestation, but it pairs nicely with the other item in the Cuckoo’s Nest toybox.

What I didn’t expect is the more mainstream Lou Dobbs to come careening off the rails. Apparently, Trump is deeply hurt by Mormon resistance to his sweet nothings whispered lovingly in America’s ear, and therefore it has to be someone else’s fault.

Evan McMullin is gaining in the polls, and may actually win Utah–yes, a conspiracy!

We should definitely take Dobbs seriously, as the #MAGA #AmericaFirst #TrumpPence16 #TrumpTrain hashtags lend such an air of gravitas to his “Look deeper” prescription. All that was missing is an ALL CAPS rant.

I’ve looked deeper and the Mormon Mafia is definitely a thing.

Dobbs is such a tool. Laura Ingraham and other Trump surrogates jumped right on the bandwagon, using #NeverTrump as a euphemism for “Mormon” in this case, with the implied threat that “Voters” will do something about those Utah crazies.

McMullin himself admits to being part of this vast conspiracy.

The Trumpy idiocy really has no end. Actually it does have an end. November 8th, at 9:01 pm Eastern time. Then it will just be a bunch of idiots who followed the pied piper of paranoia straight off the cliff.

Good riddance to them, and a pox on both Jones and Dobbs for engaging in dangerous and racist stereotyping.

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