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Jim Banks for Congress

I supported Marlin Stutzman in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District when Marlin ran the first time. He won and is moving up to the Indiana Senate race. That leaves the 3rd district vacant and I hope you will join me in supporting Jim Banks for Congress.

Jim currently chairs the Veterans Committee in the Indiana State Senate and is very familiar with the federal government’s treatment of our veterans. More importantly, Jim is a solid fiscal conservative and the Club For Growth has thrown its weight behind Jim.

Jim served in the Navy in Afghanistan, including taking a leave of absence from the Indiana State Senate and his day job to deploy. His day job is as a commercial real estate broker.

He is and wife have three daughters and I think he’ll be a good social and fiscal conservative fit in Congress. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Jim with your prayers and, if you can, your donations. Getting good people to Congress takes money and we should not be so focused on the Presidency that we lose sight of Congress and the need for good people in our federal legislative body.

Support Jim Banks today.

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