John Cornyn is Holding Hostage a Man Bernie Sanders Hates

Politics makes strange bedfellows. Bernie Sanders is opposed to Russ Vought as the Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget because Vought is a practicing Christian. Sanders’ entire objection to Vought centers on a piece Vought wrote here at the Resurgent defending his alma mater, Wheaton, for standing firm for the faith.

Sanders, in Vought’s confirmation hearing, attacked Vought for being a Christian and writing in defense of Christian values.

So that makes it even more disappointing that it is not Sanders tying up Vought’s confirmation, but John Cornyn of Texas. Vought is a conservative’s conservative and Cornyn is stopping him from being able to effectively do his job.

John Cornyn wants more money for Texas in the budget. To get that money, he is holding up Russ Vought’s confirmation vote on the floor of the Senate. This is appalling on many levels. First, he is aiding and abetting Bernie Sanders’ persecution of a Christian. Second, he wants to keep a fiscal conservative from helping form the budget until he gets a fat payout for Texas in the budget.

Cornyn claims to be a conservative, but is preventing a real conservative from confirmation. Cornyn claims to be fiscally responsible, but is holding up a fiscally responsible conservative for irresponsible ends.

President Trump promised to drain the swamp and John Cornyn is not only working against the confirmation of personnel equally committed to draining the swamp, but Cornyn is doing it as part of a shake down of American taxpayers. The President needs to show Cornyn who’s boss and use his bully pulpit on this issue. Russ Vought deserves to be confirmed and Cornyn should be ashamed.

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