John Kasich, Democrats’ Favorite Republican, is in Third Place in Ohio

John Kasich is the Republican that Democrats breathlessly point to as the future of the GOP. He’s the guy they like. Never mind that they would tear him to pieces if he were the GOP nominee, right now they are being honest about him. They love that he expanded medicaid and Obamacare in Ohio. They love that he brings up Jesus to fight conservatives from the left. They love that he is okay with gay marriage and that he thinks the GOP needs to move on from fighting abortion. They love this guy.

A new poll in Ohio shows Kasich is also a very popular governor, but he has sunk to third place in an Ohio poll of Presidential politics. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are leading Kasich in his home state. That is a pretty damning indictment of every Democrats favorite Republican.

The outsiders are beating the ultimate insider in Ohio. That is also an indication that those votes will not go to Kasich if Trump and Carson do not make it Ohio in the primaries. Those votes will probably go to a Ted Cruz or someone else.


If Republicans want to beat Democrats, they do not need a Democrat-lite candidate who surrounds himself with people who hate the GOP.

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