Secretary of State John Kerry points to a photograph on the front page of the Wall Street Journal as an example of cooperation among Arab countries as he testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014, during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the US strategy to defeat the Islamic State group. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

John Kerry Admits the US Saw ISIS Growing and Chose to Do Nothing

CNN originally had up some audio that had been leaked of John Kerry talking about using force in Syria.

But there was part of the audio that was not made public. The entire audio has subsequently been taken down by CNN. The part that was never made public, however, has been leaked. In it, John Kerry admits that the United States saw ISIS growing, which he referred to as Daesh. But instead of doing anything about it, Kerry says the Obama Administration calculated that its growth would lead the Assad regime in Syria to the negotiating table.

Instead, Kerry says, Assad turned to Vladimir Putin for help. Now, I have to tell you, anyone with half a brain would have realized the Assad regime would turn to Russia. The Assad family has always turned to Moscow for help. It is insane that our government was surprised by that. It is also highly irresponsible.

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