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I have been a long time member of Club For Growth — for more than twenty years. It was, in fact, the first political organization I gave money to. The organization has long been the best barometer for small government, free market conservatives. I hope you will consider joining too. I’m proud to have the Club For Growth as our sponsor this week and hope you will check them out.

When people ask me who they should check with to see who is the most pro-life member of Congress, I always say to check the Club For Growth scorecard. In addition to the Club fighting to prevent our children from being saddled with the burdens of bigger government, the members of Congress the Club elects are the most opposed to government intervention and funding of abortion because, whether their heart is in the life cause or not, they vehemently oppose government spending.

But as it turns out, the correlation between pro-life and pro-liberty members of Congress is pretty spot on and the Club For Growth, liberty minded picks for office fully believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of private property.

I’m proud to be a member for more than twenty years and I hope you will join the Club For Growth too.

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