Protest signs rest on a table with cookies during a special session at the North Carolina Legislature in Raleigh, N.C., Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016. Lawmakers finalized a $201 million hurricane and wildfire relief package Wednesday, sought by Gov. Pat McCrory in a special session he called. But they didn't go home as fellow Republicans then called their own session to weigh legislation, some of which could threaten the incoming Democratic governor which sparked protests. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Join the Resistance Against Authoritarianism

Over the weekend, the Politico ran this piece about former Obama staffers steamed that Congress was repealing Obama-era regulations. Last week, a technology blogger from the left blogged about Obama writing laws and Congress trying to undo them. Under Armour’s CEO is under assault for saying he thinks President Trump will be good for his business. Leftists are posting signs that Trump voters are not welcome in their businesses. Liberal Christians are being cheered on for using Christianity to defend Obamacare while faithful Christians are booed for hiding behind their faith to oppose paying for abortions. I absolutely agree — we should join the resistance against authoritarianism. But it is the left that is authoritarian, not Donald Trump.

Last week, based on campaign promises and without ever citing relevant statutes, the liberals on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Donald Trump’s immigration order. Sure, the left argued, Presidents can do what Donald Trump wants to do. But Donald Trump himself cannot. Never mind an actual statute gives President Trump the power to do what he did. The left, however, cheered the outcome and ignored the rule of law.

The left is so convinced Donald Trump wants to tear up the constitution, they intend to tear it up first to stop him.

On a daily basis now, the left is showing up at congressional townhall meetings to intimidate members of Congress. Do they really think that Republicans in safe Republican districts are going to somehow be deluded into thinking these people are representative of their districts?

The Women’s March people have banned pro-life women from joining them.

Berkeley students decided to burn the place down so they did not have to encounter a speaker who sees the world differently from them.

Now, go back to that Politico article and consider this bit:

Opponents of the Congressional Review Act also object to one of its lesser-known provisions: Once Congress blocks a rule, the agency cannot ever issue a new one that is substantially the same. Although that provision has never been tested in court, Eisenbrey said it has a chilling effect, and he noted that the Obama administration never revisited the ergonomics issue.

“Why would an administration risk putting all the years of effort into a rulemaking, all the political capital to do it, knowing somebody could take the rule to district court and have it blocked in an instant because the judge says it’s similar enough?” he said.

Disagreements over the review act have been largely academic since 2001, particularly after Democrats opted not to use it on any George W. Bush-era rules. But now, supporters of the targeted rules are preparing to fight back.

Pizarchik is already working on ideas to write a new version of the stream rule under a future president, though he declined to share any details. He also hinted someone could mount a constitutional challenge to the review act itself, which critics have long argued tramples on the separation of powers.

I believe there’s a good chance that, in a legal challenge, that a court will overturn Congress’ actions here as an unconstitutional usurpation of the executive branch’s powers,” he said.

An Obama staffer thinks it is unconstitutional for Congress to pass a law limiting the regulatory abilities of federal agencies writing regulations to enforce legislation. The left is more and more moving in this direction. Presidents are autocrats and the legislature is supposed to rubber stamp them. For eight years that is all the Democrats did.

In fact, Republicans have opposed Donald Trump more in the past three weeks than Democrats ever opposed Barack Obama. Even now, they admit they think Congress passing laws undoing regulations is unconstitutional.

The real authoritarians are on the left. They are projecting their vices on Donald Trump to rail against him, but eight years of Barack Obama make it very, very clear that they’d be perfectly fine if Barack Obama was doing exactly as Donald Trump is doing. And yes, Barack Obama ordered a halt in the immigration process.

We should all join the resistance to authoritarianism, but we should remember that authoritarianism comes mostly from the left.

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