Jon Ossoff, Democrat Hope for GA6, Doesn’t Even Live There

Jon Ossoff, the Democrat candidate vying to replace Tom Price in a special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, has gained some notoriety for attracting a lot of out-of-state money to support his campaign.  As it turns out, though, it’s not just the cash that’s been doing a bit of carpetbagging–it’s also the candidate himself.

Ossoff does not actually live in GA6, which he hopes to represent in Congress, but just outside the borders of the district:

Democrat Jon Ossoff lives about 10 minutes south of the district, according to a campaign spokesman. Ossoff grew up in the district and has been registered to vote in it for many years. Ossoff’s parents also live in the district, and Ossoff moved out of the 6th and into an Emory-area neighborhood to be close to his girlfriend of 13 years, who started medical school.

Not to worry, though:

As soon as she finishes school, Ossoff’s campaign said he plans to move back into the district.

Ossoff also admits to as much in this video clip posted at SnappyTV.  So even if he can’t legally vote for himself in this election, he has every intention of fixing the situation just as soon as he can.

Piece of free advice, Jon–be sure to clear that with the girlfriend first.

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