Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate 2018

It is not too early to begin to think about the 2018 midterm elections, and we are happy and proud to endorse the candidacy of our friend and fellow warrior for full-spectrum constitutional conservatism, Josh Mandel of Ohio.

To the Left, Josh Mandel might be the most dangerous Republican in America. At first glance, the slight-framed, unassuming, constantly smiling Ohio state treasurer might look like a political pushover. Yet, beneath Mandel’s disarming exterior lies a brilliant, principled, successful war hero.

It is as if Mandel were grown from a petri dish in a lab far beneath the bowels of the Republican Jewish Coalition headquarters. A twice-deployed U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran, attorney, former city councilman, former state representative, and current state treasurer, Mandel has risen up through Ohio politics by running on an authentically principled brand of conservatism. His combat experiences overseas have led Mandel to a remarkably clear-eyed stance on the jihadi threat, and Mandel is very much already a known commodity within the broader pro-Israel and counter-jihadism communities. He is unapologetic about the civilizational clash between liberalized West and barbaric jihad, and about the concomitant need to protect the homeland from radical Islamism.

Mandel is also an ardent fiscal conservative, and his tenure as Ohio state treasurer has been marked by a stalwart stewardship of taxpayer resources and a push to make Ohio’s budget more transparent for public consumption. He is a close personal friend and ally of Rep. Jim Jordan, a conservative icon in the U.S. Congress, and is detested by Ohio’s Republican RINO Governor, John Kasich. One might say that, as a matter of Ohio politics, Mandel has all the right friends and all the right enemies. He is running for U.S. Senate not to be a mouthpiece for leadership, but to stand unequivocally on principle and represent the citizens of Ohio.

Josh is also a family man—as a husband and father of three—and is a proud Jew. He unapologetically speaks of the need to defend and preserve America’s Judeo-Christian moral tradition. In a time where Jewish conservative leadership is sorely lacking at the national level, Mandel is hoping that the second time is a charm in a rematch of his 2012 race against one of J Street’s favorite U.S. Senators, left-wing zealot Sherrod Brown. In a state where Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton 52%-43% and the senior Republican Senator, Rob Portman, demolished former Democratic Governor Ted Strickland 58%-37% to win reelection, Ohio—like much of the industrial Midwest—is primed to move from purple to red. It goes without saying that national conservatives couldn’t be happier about their chances with Mandel’s early entry into the 2018 race.

Josh Mandel has declared his candidacy early, but the Club for Growth has already endorsed his bid, and it is not too soon for you to do the same. Josh is a warrior for our cause, and we are proud to support our friend. Donate what you can here.

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