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  • I received a CC letter from the Georgia Department of Revenue today that was mailed to Mr. Tatum, Legal Defense, of the State Department of Elections. You see, Eric, you should read the SPLOST guide, because the Bibb County Commissioners did violate Title 48 of the O.C.G.A. when tying a tax rollback to the SPLOST. The Petition to Contest the Election was dismissed because of missing a statutory deadline date even though I provided ample reasons that I did try to file on the actual deadline date. The Petition may have been thrown out, but that does not negate the fact that contestable violations occurred. You are a lawyer, why don’t you be bold enough to admit the truth?


  • You see, does buying votes or bribing voters for votes in anyway lead you to tie the connection that this is in effect a direct promotion of the SPLOST? You can see page 2 of the 2005 SPLOST Guide that is put out by the ACCG. You only have to read the first seven pages to see the contestable violations, actually page 2 and page 7 if you do not have time to read seven pages. Also, does poll taxes ring a bell to anyone? If you offer property owners a tax cut to vote for a SPLOST, can you not see that you have disfranchised the 30 to 40% of residents in Bibb County that are renters? I have thick skin, but I am not going to sit back and take any crap from a lawyer or anyone else that wants to snicker and put out false reports that this election contest had no merit. Read the law and the cited cases in the SPLOST Guide on page 2, and then come back and tell me that I am wrong.

  • For concerned observers, you may refer to the Political Notebook in the Macon Telegraph a few Saturday’s back, and see the quote by a BOE member that said that they are not telling voters how to vote on the Education SPLOST … “because they are constrained by law…not to do so.” So they are on notice, I suppose one could say. The citizens of Bibb County lost this challenge to the recent SPLOST because that is the what I was fighting for. I could not sit back, and keep silent when I witnessed a fraudulent election. For those that can turn their heads, and pretend that it is ok to railroad a tax increase through then all I can say is that you must adhere to a different code of ethics than I do. I took an oath to US Constitution and the Georgia Constitution just like lawyers most certainly do, and I take my oath very seriously. Government has become a closed circle of people that is stronger than a corporate veil, and it no longer the people’s government that is one in which elected officials are the servants of the people. Liberty will only be restored by educating people to vote, and sadly I see no hope for Bibb County.

  • My apologies for not proofing my grammatical errors in the above posts. I would edit the errors if possible. LJP