Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau poses for photos in front of the New York Stock Exchange, prior to his company's IPO, Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015.(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Just a Reminder That Planet Fitness Lets Men Use the Women’s Locker Room

Planet Fitness now has a Michigan court on its side in its quest to let men into the women’s locker room. When a woman who attended a Planet Fitness gym complained about a man in the women’s room, Planet Fitness told her she needed to deal with it. They were open to letting men who identify as women use that bathroom.

When the woman told others at the gym, the gym cancelled her gym membership and she sued. A Michigan court has sided with Planet Fitness.

So for those of you ladies out there going to Planet Fitness, just remember that a man could be in the bathroom with you and Planet Fitness will be okay with that.

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