Just Say No to Fred Upton

From Plumline 11/8, they had heard Republicans were going to go after faulty science behind global warming. Not to worry, they caved. After all this, the GOP will not touch the crime. Plumline says, “What a relief.” 2 sources say it’s not at all on the table, via Joe Barton’s spokesman, and via a ’senior GOP leadership aide’ who says
the ‘leadership is cool to the idea.’ “A spokesman for the leading Republican on the committee that would undertake such hearings tells me that isn’t the plan. And a senior GOP leadership aide says the leadership is cool to the idea.

Rep. Joe Barton of Texas (the same dude who apologized to BP) is in line to be the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. A committee spokesman, Larry Neal, emails that global warming science won’t be the focus of upcoming hearings. Rather, Barton wants to hold hearings to try to get the Environmental Protection Agency to study the impact action on global warming will have on jobs.” After all this, this was the main reason to get the democrats out, and they sell out the entire country on day 1. This proves we do not exist for them.

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