Kasich’s Despicable Play For King Maker

John Kasich helped Ted Cruz’s chances to stop Donald Trump from getting the GOP nomination outright with 1,237 delegates by winning Ohio last night.

Thank you Governor Kasich.

Kasich also has zero chance of getting the nomination himself. Erick’s numbers show him needing 101 percent of unallocated delegates. My model shows him needing 116 percent. Either way, he’s as eliminated as the Red Sox were in last years’s baseball playoffs. Mathematically.

The only reason Kasich would want to continue in the race is delusional hubris or a play to be king maker in Cleveland. Since Rubio is out, one of two outcomes are most likely: (1) Trump wins 1,237, or (2) a brokered convention. Option (3) where Cruz wins is now vanishingly difficult due to Kasich’s despicable act.

Kasich wants to ride into Cleveland, as the sitting governor, like the “favorite sons” of old and offer a crown to whoever can make the best back-room deal with him. He’ll soon find out that Donald Trump is not a man to make deals with unless you enjoy being taken like a sharp takes a mark. Ask Chris Christie or Ben Carson, they’ll confirm it.

And Cruz won’t need a king maker. The convention floor will be packed with Cruz and Rubio supporters. If Trump falls short of 1,237, only Cruz will be eligible to stand for nomination on the second ballot by current rules. Of course, those rules could change, but why change them? Monkeying with convention rules only adds to the appearance of stealing the nomination from Trump.

I have always taken the position that candidates up for the GOP nomination are responsible for knowing how the process works. Trump can’t walk in and pretend that the person who wins the majority of states automatically wins because it doesn’t work (and has never worked) that way. If Trump arrives at the convention short of a straight majority, it’s his responsibility to get his supporters to the floor as delegates.

Trump, from what I see, has not really put a lot of effort into a delegate operation, while Cruz has. To say that Cruz deserves no credit for an excellent delegate recruitment operation is to throw the entire nomination process away (which Trump would love to do) and turn it into nothing more than a national referendum to select a candidate. They might as well make it into American Idol.

The king maker in Cleveland should rightfully be Rubio, who left it all on the field with blood, sweat and tears, and made a gracious exit. Kasich is simply a despicable villain and not the “prince of light and hope” he projected in New Hampshire.

Should Trump win the nomination outright I’m fully prepared to dump that disaster largely on Kasich’s lap. Should Cruz stop him (no thanks to Kasich), the GOP should lock the doors in Cleveland and not allow Ohio’s governor to enter the hall.

Did I mention that Kasich is despicable? He is.

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