Kathy Griffin’s Emotional Press Conference is the Perfect Way to Ruin an Apology

When you make a bad decision, the mature, sensible reaction should be to own it, apologize, and then learn from your mistakes.

The absolute wrong thing to do is be Kathy Griffin.

The comedian drew immediate, bipartisan fire earlier this week, when she posted an image that featured her holding up a bloodied, severed head, resembling that of Donald Trump.

Griffin, and the photographer who worked with her on the photo shoot, Tyler Shields, are portraying the photo as “edgy,” topical comedy – attempting to compare it to an answer for Trump’s 2016 comments about former Fox News personality, Megyn Kelly – “She had blood coming out of her wherever.”

Because of the backlash, Griffin took the photo down just hours after its release. She also released a video apology.

Personally, I found the apology adequate. She saw the reaction and realized her “edgy” comedy wasn’t really edgy and nobody was laughing.

CNN immediately ended their relationship with Griffin and she apparently lost other gigs, as a response, in spite of the apology.

Today, Griffin compounded the problem by calling a tearful press conference.

Standing beside her attorney, Lisa Bloom, Griffin told reporters that Trump and his family have “bullied” her, and that he “broke” her.

“It was a parody of Trump’s own sexist remarks, taken to an extreme, absurdist visual,” Bloom said.

“The message is clear: criticize the president, lose your job,” Bloom added. “And that’s what happened to Kathy.”

Except this wasn’t simple criticism. It was a grotesque, violent image.

There are people criticizing the president daily who still have their jobs, so Bloom’s comment is disingenuous, at best. The difference between them and Kathy Griffin is that they don’t not-so-subtly give nod to assassination.

When asked if she thought the backlash would damage her career, Griffin noted that she didn’t think she’d have a career after this. That’s when she broke down, saying Trump “broke” her.

Of course, she also said that she felt she was being used as a distraction and called Trump “this fool.”

Bloom went on to say Griffin was receiving death threats as a result of Trump and his family making an issue out of the image.

During the press conference, Bloom said a double standard exists for male artists who post violent images of Trump and females artists.

The lawyer singled out singer Marilyn Manson and the band Municipal Waste as two who have created “more disturbing imagery,” yet never received any backlash.

“Unlike these male artists, Kathy apologized,” Bloom said. “Unlike these male artists, Kathy has endured the most powerful man in America and his family using their power to target her and her employers after she apologized.”

Other than me, how many readers of the Resurgent have ever even heard of Municipal Waste?

I’m not sure what the play for Bloom and Griffin is here. Perhaps they’re trying to prompt the Women’s March crowd to put their p***y hats back on for one more ride, and to have them defend her against the vile patriarchy.

Griffin acknowledged that her apology was the right thing to do, and it was.

The absolute wrong thing to do, however, is to attempt to use leftist by-words and social movements to try and save her career.

You did a bad thing, Kathy. Just own it, and give people a chance to forget about it.

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